You are in a museum, which is prosecuted honorary. The members of our non-profit association spend their recreational time to allow you to undergo the former times of the Härtsfeld railway.

You pay an account for the visit of the museum including a ride on a steam train from 1900 or a railcar from the 1960's. In other museums these vehicles may not even be touched. Please handle our vehicles with care, to allow many visitors to enjoy the feeling.

The heritage line Neresheim - Katzenstein is not a toy, but a real railway. We are monitored by the official railway authorities and fulfill today's security rules. Our personnel is accordingly trained. 

Operating historic vehicles causes some particularities: 

  • We have no obligation of transport and there is no right to get a seat! The personal may assign you to place or car.
  • Reservations are possible for groups of sixteen or more. Five minutes before the trip is about to start, unused places may be subject to reassignment.
  • The historic vehicles aggravate the transportation of handicapped persons.
  • Trains may be delayed.
  • It may happen, that a vehicle is to be set out of order.
  • You may get dirty! Smoke and steam, oil and grease are always part of a railway. The steam locomotive may eject particles of soot.
  • Standing on the platforms of the cars is not allowed.
  • Do not lean out the windows.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the train. 
  • Hold on firmly when standing in the train.
  • It is not allowed to eat in the museum or in the train.
  • The trains may stop between the stations. Do not step out! Pay attention to the directives of the train personnel.
  • Our conductors have the right to give you orders.
  • You travel across a wildlife resort. Never throw any objects out of the train! Please take your trash back or place it in a regular dustbin helping to keep our environment clean.
  • If you have children with you please take care, that they respect these rules too. Never let your children unattended!
  • Buggies and bicycles are carried in the train without any additional costs but on your own risk, excluding any responsibility from our side.